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Italian team asks President Obama to help recruit Kobe


Claudio Sabatini, the owner of Italian league club Virtus Bologna, is both a media whore and desperate. He has tried desperately to land Kobe Bryant and gone public with it to get attention every step of the way.

Now, with a $2 million offer for one game out there, Sabatini found a way to come off as even more desperate.

He posted this letter on the team Web site:

Dear Mr. President,

We have a dream: to see Kobe Bryant playing for our Team Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, the Italian town well known in the world as basket City.

According to your wishes we hope that the NBA lockout will shortly stop but in the meanwhile let us have the chance to see at least for one game the great Kobe Bryant playing with our black and white jersey and be part of our history.

Politically, now may be a bad time to encourage the president to send American workers and jobs overseas. Just sayin’. Plus, Obama just wants the lockout to end like the rest of us.

You get the feeling that if Sabatini thought the negotiations had any shot he wouldn’t be making an a** of himself publicly, but since he has no shot why not?