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James Dolan: “You got to believe, baby! I believe!” and “I enjoy being out of the limelight”

James Dolan

James Dolan


James Dolan has never had his finger on the pulse of Knicks fans.

Plus we have come to take the limited things he says publicly with a grain of salt.

With that we direct you to a Q&A Dolan did recently with the Hollywood Reporter on a variety of his business ventures (hat tip to the New York Post). Of course that included conversations about the Knicks — in the midst of the worst season in the franchise’s storied history — and Phil Jackson running the organization.

You’re paying Phil Jackson $12 million a year for five years. Still worth it?

You got to believe, baby! I believe, I believe!

Jackson has said he was assured by you that there wouldn’t be any interference. But at what point does the leash get tugged?

I don’t see it happening. Phil is a brilliant basketball guy, and he and Steve [Mills] are working together great.

You enjoy losing?

No, I enjoy being out of the limelight. I enjoy having two experts in there that I trust. I barely have to do a thing. It can stay like that for me forever. As long as we continue to make progress — and I’m sure we will. I believe!

Dolan also goes on to say he is not selling the team, and that the majority of Knicks fans understand this is a rebuild.

Knicks fans understand rebuilding well, they feel like they’ve been living it for a decade. They don’t question the need for it, only how it’s being done. And there are legit questions to be asked there (especially after we see how this summer goes).

Those Knicks fans also know James Dolan, and they fear he won’t stay out of the limelight long.