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Jamison says he will be back Sunday

Players tell you that “it’s just one game out of 82" every time there’s a big regular season game. They especially say that if they lose said game.

But Antawn Jamison let it be known that he was going to be there when the Cavaliers take on the Celtics Sunday, sore knee or not. Just one out of 82? Right.

They want me to take it slow and not rush anything,” Jamison said. "(They want me to) take the proper precautions. If it was a big game, I’d definitely be ready to play.”

Jamison said if it was up to him, he’d face the 76ers on Friday at the Wachovia Center. He said it was a “no-brainer” he’d play in Sunday’s contest against Boston on ABC.

Jamison said the MRI revealed a little cyst with some fluid in it behind the knee, something that needs rest and nothing more.

The Cavaliers as a team need some rest right now -- LeBron is banged up and sat out two, Jamison has sat out, Shaq’s thumb is recuperating, and other guys have assorted bumps and bruises. Comes with a long season. But the only thing that should matter for Cleveland is the second season. They will get some rest during the dragged-out first round of the playoffs.

So don’t expect to see Jamison tonight. But against a potential playoff matchup Sunday, well, that’s not just one out of 82.