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Jarrett Jack reportedly wants to be traded, but nobody bothered to tell Jarrett Jack

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We know Hedo Turkoglu wants out of Toronto, we think Chris Bosh wants out of Toronto, and we thought we knew that Jarrett Jack wanted out of Toronto. It turns out the latter isn’t exactly true, as rumors of Jack’s discontent with the Raptors organization appear to have been either greatly exaggerated or completely fabricated. Jarrett showed up for off-season workouts with his Raptor teammates, and apparently no one had bothered to tell Jack of his vagabond shoes.

From Doug Smith of the Toronto Star:

You want news? Well, news that Jarrett Jack wants to be traded from the Raptors is, well, news to Jarrett Jack. Just ran into him in the arena while waiting for the workout kids to get done and he told us he hasn’t asked to be traded from the Raptors, his agent hasn’t asked that he be traded from the Raptors and he has no idea where stuff like that comes from.

“I hadn’t even heard of it until (Monday),” is how Jack put it. “Bryan (Colangelo) actually brought it to my attention. I was wide-eyed a little bit.”

Now, if the rumor were true, I’d assume Jack would say something along the same lines. Even if he isn’t pleased with the situation and would prefer a change of scenery, Jarrett is the kind of company man that isn’t going to play it up in the press. With that in mind, consider this your periodic reminder to peruse NBA rumors with a whole shaker of salt during the off-season. Without actual games to ground the discussion, the speculation tends to get a bit out of hand.