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Jeanie Buss wants schoolyard All-Star Game

There have been more suggestions on how to fix the All-Star game than there are Dunkin’ Donuts in Boston. Well, that’s an exaggeration, there may be more Dunkin’ Donuts than people in Boston, but there has been a lot of All-Star Game discussions.

Lakers Vice President of Business Operations Jeanie Buss (you know, the Buss child who earned her job) has a radical and fun idea that she told Fanhouse:

“I would do something really crazy with the All Star Game. This is something I’ve thought about a lot. I would like to see the fans vote for all the All Stars. Then you put them in a pool, and you take the two coaches and they draft the team right there, kind of like you used to do on a schoolyard. It wouldn’t have anything to do with (conference affiliations), it would just be all All-Stars, and then the coaches would decide which players they would take.”

The best part of this would be to see who the coaches choose. Not just first, but to see if a coach would take Dirk Nowitzki in front of Carmelo Anthony, for example. And to see who would get chosen last (sorry Jason Kidd).

To really do this right, the game should be played shirts vs. skins. At Rucker Park.