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Jerry Stackhouse becomes P-90X pitchman

Jerry Stackhouse was hanging out at home, working out a couple days a week with a high school team, and hoping that somebody making a playoff push would pick up a 35-year-old swingman for some depth.

(The surging Milwaukee Bucks did -- and they are getting plenty of bang for their bucks: 20 minutes a game, about 8 points and some solid veteran leadership off the bench.)

So how did Stackhouse stay in NBA shape while waiting for that call? The same way you can for just $39.95 according to his blog (via TrueHoop):

I also got on this P-90X from this infomercial. I was watching the infomercial late at night and I ordered it in the beginning of December. I got in some of the best shape I’ve ever been in, just from doing some home training.

Turns out P-90X worked just a little better than the Suzanne Somers Thighmaster Gold.