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Joakim Noah: “Cleveland really sucks”

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Well, there goes any chance Joakim Noah had of being best buds with Drew Carry.

The Bulls had a couple days in Cleveland between games. Aside figuring out ways not to get completely manhandled by Shaq, Noah told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he didn’t find a lot of other things to do during his stay.

“I don’t know about Cleveland, man, there is nothing going on,” Noah said Sunday, lamenting the options for his off day on a typical cloudy and chilly spring day. “It’s bad, man.”

When asked if his dislike for the town would motivate him more in the series, Noah continued.

“What, that Cleveland really sucks?” Noah said.

What Noah, didn’t have enough people mad at you? LeBron James and Kevin Garnett didn’t fill the bill, you needed the entire city of Cleveland?

Now, when you go on The Price Is Right, there is no way you are going to get told to “come on down.” That dream is dead.