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Joe Johnson says LeBron James flopped in final minute (VIDEO)

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

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Down three points inside a minute, the Nets needed a bucket, and for their play they isolated Joe Johnson (one of the best clutch players in the game) on LeBron James, who had five fouls. You can see the play above. Here is what Johnson had to say about the play after the game, via the New York Post.

“I wasn’t necessarily trying to draw the foul on him,” said Johnson, although James had five fouls while defending him, “but I thought he was aggressive, so I was just trying to use his aggressiveness against him.

“[But] he flopped that last one....

“Yeah, it did,” Johnson said, when asked if the flop threw him off. “I should’ve known they wouldn’t have called a foul, but I went into my shot anyway, so I had plenty of time.”

My thoughts on this:

Johnson, you have to make that shot. Whatever LeBron did he did not rake you across the arms, you had a clean look and you missed it. It’s a make-or-miss league and that’s a miss.

A flop is an effort to get a foul call, the referees decided this was a no-call, which strikes me as the right decision. It’s tough to tell from that camera angle, but likely Johnson made contact to create a little space and LeBron, not wanting to be too physical and pick up a sixth foul, went the other way with it. To me, that’s a good no call because out of this Johnson got a clean look at his shot.

He just missed it.

LeBron finished with 49 points to power Miami to the win and put the Heat up 3-1 in the series heading home.