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Joel Embiid kicks at chair/76ers staffer after being told he reached minute limit (video)

The 76ers want to cap Joel Embiid at about 24 minutes per game. He played a career-high 27 minutes against the Grizzlies tonight.

The problem: A second overtime still remained.

Before the sixth period, a Philadelphia doctor informed Embiid he was finished for the night – a reasonable conclusion for a player who missed his first two NBA seasons due to injury.

Embiid didn’t take it so well, kicking at a chair and the staffer behind it.

I doubt Embiid intended to kick a person, but the center kicked high and recklessly. If the staffer didn’t pull his hand back quickly, this could have been uglier.

As it stands, it can be spun as a testament to Embiid’s competitiveness. And it is. When the 76ers are winning – they lost 104-99 to Memphis – Embiid’s passion will be viewed more favorably. (See Draymond Green with the Warriors.) But Embiid should also find a way to more effectively harness it.