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Jordan a trader, not a drafter

Isiah Thomas was a drafter. For all his countless flaws -- and the New York media did their best to count them -- the man was good on draft day. Dude found David Lee, Trevor Ariza and Nate Robinson near the bottom of the board, he also picked Damon Stoudamire, which was derided at the time but who proved to be a good player.

Michael Jordan is the opposite of that, says Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.

Michael Jordan is a trader. He’s not a drafter. Sometimes you have to accept people’s strengths, and that’s the deal: The same guy who looks like a fool for drafting Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison looks pretty damn smart for trading next-to-nothing for Stephen Jackson and Tyrus Thomas.

You know, Morrison will be a free agent this summer, if Jordan wants to give the guy one more chance.