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Karl likely out until the playoffs

George Karl is tough. Cancer treatments can be brutal. Nuggets coach Karl tried to tough it out and be there for his team as much as he could.

But now it appears Karl is going to take a break until about the start of the playoffs, according to Yahoo’s Mark Spears.

Karl recently needed treatment for blood clots in his legs and lungs that surfaced while he was already undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for throat cancer, the sources said. The blood clots were treated successfully and Karl is expected to complete his cancer treatment at the end of next week, but the Nuggets aren’t confident he’ll feel strong enough to resume coaching at the start of April as was initially hoped.

Karl should take all the time he needs, the Nuggets will be fine without him (they are 5-2 so far).

As with many patients facing a life-threatening illness, Karl is starting to see the world a little differently. ESPN’s Rick Riley reminded us why we used to read him religiously with a story about how Karl is dealing with his circumstances.

“I’m scared every day,” he says. “Scared all the time. But my kids, my family, my staff, they keep me thinking positive.”’

Anything good coming from all this?

“Oh, yeah. Lots. Sometimes, I feel the sunshine on my face and I just stop and think, ‘Damn, this feels good.’ I never used to think about sunshine, you know?”

Get well, coach.