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Kerr goes, does that mean Amare Stoudemire is next?


Steve Kerr’s job number one this summer is to re-sign Amare Stoudemire.

Make that was job number one. His new job number one is to work out that contract with TNT. Job number two is to stay out of his wife and kids way -- they have a routine set.

So what happens to the old job number one?

The departure of Kerr does not help efforts to bring Stoudemire back to the Suns next year.

Stoudemire’s agent Happy Walters told FanHouse he is not happy because Kerr and Walters had been working well together toward an extension with Stoudemire. Now, everything is up in the air.

Stoudemire himself had a strong belief in Kerr and this move does not help the prospects of re-signing him, said Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo.

But in the end, it’s all about the money.

If Suns owner Robert Sarver approves a three-year maximum extension for Stoudemire -- in the $60 million range -- then Stoudemire will stay in Phoenix.

But Sarver just lost Kerr because he asked him to take a pay cut. Some reports suggested it was a 10 percent cuts, others suggested it was much higher than that.

If Sarver is asking Kerr to take a pay cut, is he going to offer Stoudemire a max deal?

They are not talking pay cuts in Miami, that’s for sure.