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Kevin Durant calls two-minute report “b*******"; Steve Kerr says officials didn’t decide game

The NBA admitted that the officials missed it: Richard Jefferson tripped Kevin Durant on the final play of the Cavaliers come-from-behind Christmas Day win over the Warriors.

Durant said he would have made the game winning shot if he hadn’t been tripped — then he became the latest in a long line of players, coaches, and GMs to slam the “two-minute reports” on officiating in tight games. Via Monte Poole of

“The refs didn’t lose us that game,” he began after practice Tuesday. “We lost that game; we could’ve been better.

“I think it’s b******* that the NBA throws the refs under the bus like that. This happened to be in our favor – it’s not even in our favor; we don’t get the win – but to say that I got fouled and the tech . . . just move on. You don’t throw the refs under the bus like that, because the next game that group of refs, or whoever it is, they’re going to come out and they’re going to ref the game and they’re going to be tense when they’re reffing the game and they’re going to try to get every play right. They’re going to try to be perfect, without just going out there and relaxing and making the right call. You can’t fine us for criticizing (and then) throw them under the bus for a two-minute report? What about the first quarter? The second quarter? The third quarter? I think it’s b*******.”

Steve Kerr echoed Durant’s first point — the Warriors lost that game for themselves, not the officials.”

The essential part of Kerr’s quote: “The officials didn’t decide that game, we had a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter, it was our mistakes that I’m more concerned about.”

Mistakes such as how his team shot 1-of-11 outside the paint in the fourth quarter, how the Cavaliers frustrate Stephen Curry and seem to be in his head, and how the Warriors play fast and loose with the ball but the Cavaliers make them pay with turnovers. That is what cost them a game on Christmas.

Kerr’s job is to not let those things cost them games in June.