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Kevin Durant is tired of talking about his foot

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant


Last season, Kevin Durant played in just 27 games for the Thunder due to repeated foot injuries. So naturally, people — and in particular, reporters — want to know how he’s feeling during preseason. And so far, Durant has made it clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it.

From’s Royce Young:

You can tell Kevin Durant is already getting tired of the questions.

No, not those questions.

The ones about how he feels. If he’s rusty. If he’s back. When he thinks he’ll be back.

“I told myself I’m not going to answer that question no more,” Durant said after being asked how he felt after the Thunder’s 100-88 preseason win over a patchwork Mavericks team.

With two weeks of training camp down and three preseason games in the books, Durant is trying to put the trials of a surgery-filled 2014-15 season behind him. In the first two exhibition games, he looked every bit the player he once was, showcasing his trademark explosiveness, silky smooth touch and endless range.

It’s understandable that Durant wants to put this behind him, but he can’t reasonably expect people not to ask him about it. When the reigning MVP misses two-thirds of the following season, causing his team to miss the playoffs, his health is relevant information going forward. And foot injuries have a high potential to be re-aggravated, so it’s always going to be a concern. That goes double for Durant, who has free agency coming up next summer. His future plans and his current health are the two things people want to know about. One of them won’t have an answer for another nine months; the other is an ongoing concern.