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Kevin Durant on ejection: ‘I got to shut up and take it’

Kevin Durant was frustrated with the lack-of-calls foul calls on him as he was racking up 25 points on Friday night. Midway through the fourth quarter he drove across the lane and was fouled with no call, and next time down he could have gotten an and-1 against Aaron Gordon and did not.

After that Durant was frustrated enough that he crossed the line, said a couple “magical” words to the referee and got thrown out for it in the middle of the fourth quarter. Not that it mattered, the Warriors were cruising to a win, but it’s possible Durant gets a fine for this. After the game, Durant said he to be a little more Zen about all this because the referees have all that power (via Chris Haynes at ESPN).
“The refs run the game, so if they’re not feeling good today, they can just make any decision they want,” Durant said. “I have to know that they got all of the power, and I got to shut up and take it.”

Durant was still not pleased with the call.

“Oh yeah, it should have been two shots, but he didn’t give me an explanation on that,” Durant said of official Eric Lewis. “I guess because I kept asking him about it, he tossed me...

“I guess I tried to show him up, and he didn’t like it, so he threw me out,” Durant said.

It wasn’t so much the asking as how it was asked.