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Kevin Durant says Laura Ingraham’s comments “ignorant,” “to me, it was racist”


in Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena on June 9, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.

Jason Miller

Frustrated in the wake of another school shooting and mass killing in a Florida high school, Kevin Durant and LeBron James did what a lot of people did — they vented on social media. In a video that was shot a month before, they took aim at president Donald Trump for not caring about the people or trying to unite them.

That led Fox News host Laura Ingraham to take the “stick to sports” argument to an ugly and offensive level, saying they should “shut up and dribble.”

Jaylen Brown of the Celtics had already done an excellent job taking down Ingraham’s misguided attack, but Friday Durant took time between doing charity events in Los Angeles to address the issue,
speaking to Sam Amick of the USA Today.

“To me, it was racist,” he said while shaking his head...

“It didn’t hit me. Ignorance is something I try to ignore. That was definitely an ignorant comment. I do play basketball, but I am a civilian and I am a citizen of the United States, so my voice is just as loud as hers, I think – or even louder. I can’t focus on that. I think we’re doing some good things out here, using our platform, and I think what me and LeBron did with Uber (and UNINTERRUPTED) the other day when it came out, I thought it was great. I thought a lot of people enjoyed it. I got so many encouraging texts from it. A lot of people enjoyed what we had to say, a lot more than just politics, which we didn’t even talk about...

“I’m still going to be a citizen here in the US when I’m done playing basketball, and my voice still doesn’t matter at that point? I don’t play basketball 24 hours a day. I live in this world, just like everybody else.”

Ingraham is incredible at promoting Ingraham. She’s made a career pandering to a shrinking sliver of the American population and electorate. Fortunately, LeBron and Durant are smart enough to rise above that foolishness and hate. Her core group may eat it up, but most of America sees it for what it is. Same with her.