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Kevin Durant says stay-in-bed comment taken too literally

160721 durant

Kevin Durant said he stayed in bed for two days after picking the Warriors, because “if I walk outside, somebody might just hit me with their car.”

Michael Lee of Yahoo Sports:

Pressed Wednesday to elaborate, Durant downplayed the extent of the drama. “I think you guys took that a little too literal,” Durant said with a laugh. “I just hung out. I stay in the house all the time. That’s not the first time I did that. Me and my bro [Rayvonne] hung out. I was just joking, don’t take me serious.”

I don’t think anyone took that literally, that he remained in bed for 48 hours and feared a hit-and-run.

But I figured it at least conveyed his mood for those two days -- sullen and dreading the public backlash to leaving the Thunder for Golden State.

Did it? “Just hung out” sends a different message, especially if Durant tends to stay in. So, at this point: Who knows? Durant might have to elaborate once more.