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Kevin Garnett does not want to become a coach, thank you very much

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets - Game Three

Getty Images

It’s often said the best players don’t make the best coaches.

Their hyper-competitiveness rubs people the wrong way when they’re wearing a suit. Their size and athleticism no longer provide an advantage. Their drive to succeed just brings out impatience as they deal with players who can’t match it.

Instead of explaining all those reasons, I probably could have just saved time and pointed to that picture of Kevin Garnett to the right.

And he knows it.

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News:

Garnett is reportedly eying a post-basketball job with the Nets. It just won’t be on the sideline – at least it likely won’t.

Unquestionably, Garnett knows the game well enough to coach it. He’s an extremely smart player, especially when it comes to an individual maximizing his team’s defensive efficiency.

If he doesn’t have interest in coaching, he doesn’t have interesting in coaching. As I wrote above, it’s definitely not a natural fit.

But people have changes of heart. Especially as Garnett gets into retirement (whether it’s after this season or not), he might miss being around basketball. At that point, he might see coaching as his best avenue to regain a link to the sport. It’s much easier to reject coaching now, while he’s around basketball every day.

Garnett might never coach. He probably won’t. But I wouldn’t slam the door as strongly as Garnett did.