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Kevin Love swears Minnesota is not as bad as they look


Sure, they lost their last two games by a combined 74 points. Sure, they are 1-4. Sure, they can’t even successfully execute a low five.

But the Timberwolves are not that bad. Really. Well, maybe they are but Kevin Love doesn’t think so, as he told the Star Tribune.

“I couldn’t have said this with 100 percent honesty last year: We’re way better than this,” Wolves forward Kevin Love said. “We know we are. We’re way, way better than this. It’s heartfelt and upsetting to see where we’re at right now.”

The Wolves do have more raw talent than last year. Minnesota may not have Miami/Orlando talent, but they have some. Problem is in the NBA everybody has talent. It becomes about how that talent fits together and how that talent is used. Is the organization getting the most out of that talent?

Minnesota? Not so much. They have just re-signed Darko Milicic and his 18.2 field goal percentage and 1.86 PER getting 21 minutes a night, just a few less than 17 and 11 Kevin Love. It’s all about fit and usage.