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Kyle Lowry on fan who pushed him: ‘Hopefully, he never comes back to an NBA game’ (video)

Early in the fourth quarter of the Raptors’ Game 3 win over the Warriors in Oakland, Kyle Lowry dove into the stands trying to save a loose ball and landed on a fan. Another Warriors fan reached over a seat to push Lowry.


There’s no place for that. He had no reason to touch me. He had no reason to reach over two seats and then say some vulgar language to me. There’s no place for people like that in our league. And hopefully, he never comes back to an NBA game.

Lowry is right.

There has been so much discussion this season of fan behavior, but it has largely focused on what fans say. Fans pushing players is so far beyond the acceptable boundaries, there’s no need for a discussion.

This fan tried to use the chaos of the situation, Lowry getting tangled with the crowd, to take a cheap shot. That should be completely unacceptable. Security removed him from the game. It’s on the Warriors to do more.