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Kyrie Irving doubles down, says he’s serious about believing Earth is flat

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving


The Earth is flat,” Kyrie Irving said. Then he repeated himself. “The Earth is flat.” And again. “The Earth is flat.”

But those words came on a mostly lighthearted podcast with Cavaliers teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

Irving doesn’t really believe that, does he?

“Yeah, I do,” Irving said.

“No, I don’t believe the Earth is round.”

But how?

“I think about it from just a, not even a scientific way, but the way I travel and how I get around and also the tons and tons of research that supports that theory,” Irving said. “I think you should go look it up. Before I tell you, I think you should go look it up.”

Irving unintentionally hit on one common response his claim. Many say he should know better because, thanks to his basketball talent, he has travelled around the world.

“You’re saying ‘around,’” Irving said.

Irving initially hesitated to discuss his flat-Earth beliefs, but he got a kick out of hearing about the public fascination with his stance.

“That’s a big deal, huh?” Irving said. “That’s a big deal?”

Yup. Our post on it is the most-read of today’s ProBasketballTalk stories.

“It’s funny,” Irving said. “It’s hilarious.”

Irving spoke at an All-Star Weekend appearance for Mountain Dew, a company that might be especially aligned to oddball takes.

“I’m here just to bring the lifestyle, which is being who you are,” Irving said.

Even if you’re somebody with far-out ideas about the Earth’s shape.

I thanked Irving for his time and got up. But before I hit the door, he called out.

“I’m telling you, go research it,” Irving said. “I’m telling you, you’ll have fun with it. I promise you that.”

“I’m sure it’s fun,” I replied. “I just don’t think it’s real.”

“That’s what I’m saying,” Irving said.