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Lakers coach Byron Scott’s philosophy on three-pointers: ‘I don’t believe it wins championships’

Byron Scott

Byron Scott


Earlier in the preseason, Lakers head coach Byron Scott laid out his strategy on the offensive end of the floor. Simply put, his idea wasn’t to forsake the three-point shot altogether, but he would rather his team get to the basket, and take fewer than 15 three-point attempts per game -- which would be an absurdly low number, given how the game has evolved in recent seasons.

L.A. has implemented this strategy over its last two preseason games, and the results were an unmitigated disaster.

As John Schuhmann of pointed out, the Lakers posted a 95-8 mid-range to three-point shot ratio over the last 2 games; it’s what anyone with even the most simple grasp of advanced basketball analytics would characterize as wildly inefficient.

Scott was asked again to clarify his stance on utilizing the three-point shot, and he essentially doubled down on his earlier remarks.

From Baxter Holmes of

I asked Lakers coach Byron Scott about his philosophy on 3-pointers. “I don’t believe it wins championships. (It) gets you to the playoffs.”

The problem, of course, is that this statement is patently false. More from Holmes:

Seven of the past eight NBA champions led all playoff teams in 3-point attempts and makes.

If Scott believes the Lakers don’t have the personnel to shoot the three at a high percentage, then it would be reasonable for him to adjust the offense and his expectations accordingly. But holding onto a belief that has proven to be untrue in recent seasons is disturbing, and could be an early sign that he’s in over his head in Los Angeles -- which, honestly, was completely expected.