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Lawson eyes return next week

The Denver Nuggets are in an odd place. They’re championship contenders, but conditional ones; if they’re going to compete for a title, they need to be clicking and they need to be healthy. Kenyon Martin still has some more time on the shelf, but the Nuggets could take a big hop towards a full rotation sometime next week.

That’s when Ty Lawson hopes to return to the lineup for the Nuggets, and though nothing is set in stone, that’s terrific news for Denver.

Anthony Carter has seen a bump in minutes during Lawson’s absence, but all of the veteran savvy in the world can’t bless Carter with Lawson’s gifts. Ty’s unique combination of shooting, decision-making, and speed make him a crucial weapon for the Nuggets. No back-up point guard has more of a profound impact for a contending team, as Lawson not only manages to contribute playing either behind or alongside Chauncey Billups, but also is a change of pace threat as a one-man fast break.