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LeBron James to go on Larry King, say nothing of interest

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Let us take another break from talking about the big, actual on-the-court basketball series coming up to talk about LeBron James not talking.

But he is talking, you say -- today he is taping an episode of Larry King Live for CNN that will air Friday night, according to Brian Windhorst’s powerful twitter account.

Larry King is not talking, it’s hitting softball questions out of the park. This is not Meet the Press, it’s closer to a press conference with planted questions. There is a reason all the politicians and celebrities want to do Larry King -- it’s safe. LeBron will be able to stick to his professionally-prepared answers. King will throw out a “How are you making your decision?” or “Do you like Chicago?” and a “How painful was losing to Boston?” questions and that will be it.

Do not expect insight. What you can expect is LeBron coming on the night after the first game of the NBA finals game and stealing some of that spotlight. Which isn’t helping LeBron’s image any.