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LeBron James wants to be like Mike, own NBA team

LeBron James is not trying to be the next Michael Jordan, he’s trying to be the first LeBron James. Just ask him. He admires Mike, but it’s not like he is trying to be like him...

Well, except for owning a team someday, just like Mike. That’s what he told FanHouse.

James, whose path to superstardom has followed a similar trajectory as Jordan’s, said Tuesday night before the Cavaliers faced the Chicago Bulls in Game 5 of the playoffs that he would “love” to own an NBA team someday. Jordan assumed ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats in March, buying the club for $275 million from Bob Johnson.

“I would love to be in that position,” James said. “It’s a great position to be able to own a team and be able to put pieces together and make decisions.”

Would James treat a team like he has treated his own business dealings? Come in a fire the professionals that are there and replace them with his friends? The guys who got LeBron that new Nike deal (that reportedly is smaller than the one Aaron Goodwin got him before)? The guys who lost some national accounts with Coca-Cola and replaced it with State Farm?

Thank goodness LeBron has a decade of ball left in him, we don’t want to see that train wreck for a while.