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LeBron: Jamison said “I haven’t had an open shot in four years.”

During a pre-game interview with Michelle Tafoya on ABC before Sunday’s game in Orlando, LeBron James was asked about Antawn Jamison’s conspicuous debut on Friday where he went 0-12 from the floor and scored two points (two free throws in garbage time). The King’s response was interesting, and painful, for Wizards’ fans.

LeBron: “Funny thing, Antawn said, he hadn’t had an open look in about four years.”


You could just take it as there was more pressure on Jamison from the defense as the bes player on the floor with Arenas out. But it still can come off as a slight to Washington, dogging their play and inability to create opportunities for him.

Now, you can understand Jamison’s relief at getting out of a toxic situation in Washington and on to a top contender. But Jamison was supported by the organization and fans, and there’s no reason to rub it in like that since they’re stuck with what is probably a lost season, despite what Josh Howard thinks.

Something tells me the rivalry may not be quite dead.