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LeBron speaks about his elbow: It hurts sometimes.

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We’ve heard directly from LeBron’s elbow today. Turns out he’s pretty funny.

But we’ve also got the actual LeBron talking seriously about his elbow, too. Courtesy Brian Windhorst writing for ESPN:

“If it’s hurting throughout the game; there’s no way it can stay off your mind,” James said.

“You want to be conscious about it, but at the same time, I’ve got to be able to pull through it and find a way to try to help the team. It doesn’t change my approach. But if you’re dribbling up and down the court and you can feel a twinge or you feel it lock up, it’s going to stop you from doing some things that you usually would be able to do. It is what it is and I’ve got to play with it.”

He admitted it slowed how aggressive he was at the start of game two. But that was just a part of the Cavaliers problems -- somebody else has to step up on offense for the Cavs. In game one that was Mo Williams, but he is not going to consistently do that against Rajon Rondo and his good defense. (Actually, Mo Williams wouldn’t be consistent against no defense.) Antawn Jamison is struggling with Kevin Garnett on him. Shaq is getting bullied by Kendrick Perkins.

The Cavs need better ball movement and player movement, that gets the ball in their scorers’ hands before the defense can totally get set. It can’t be too much isolation, that plays into the hands of the Celtics.

There have to be other contributors. LeBron is the best player walking the planet, but history has shown that alone does not win you a title.