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Magic tell Barnes to chill with his Twitter profanity

Some players really like Twitter. It’s a way to communicate with their friends and family, expand their brand, and generally talk about when they’re going to take their pre-game nap.

But sometimes, players also tend to go a little too far. It should come as no surprise that Matt Barnes is one of those guys. The Orlando Sentinel tells us that Barnes has been informed he’s got to clean up his damn darn dirty language on Twitter.

Earlier today, Barnes tweeted the following:

“I’ve ben [told] by the higher powers that I cuss 2 much on twitter 4 those I have offended I apologize.”

Barnes later expressed some consternation because you’re supposed to “be yourself” on Twitter. But Barnes is simply facing the same problem athletes face all the time. You’ve got to watch your mouth, like it or not. Unless you’re Rasheed Wallace. Or Dennis Rodman. But that’s a whole other hornets’ nest.