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Marcus Morris pushes Paul George at end of Pacers win over Pistons

This was all rather silly and avoidable.

The game was decided — Paul George had scored the Pacers’ final 21 points and Indiana was about to win 94-82. This is normally where players dribble things out, shake hands and start talking about what club to hit up in an hour. But Paul George — possibly still miffed about Andre Drummond not letting up on defense a possession before against George Hill — smacked the ball out of Marcus Morris’ hands going for the stat-padding steal.

Morris didn’t like it, he and George exchanged some words, and then Morris shoves George.

The benches cleared — usually that would mean a lot of suspensions, but the game had ended, and players often come on the floor at that point. Hopefully the league doesn’t overdo it there.

After the game, Morris and George played the incident down, with George saying it was just in the heat of the moment competition.

Don’t expect the league to view it that way, it will hand down some fines for this nonsense.