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Maybe LeBron has a plan for the summer

The conventional wisdom is that LeBron James has yet to decide where he is going to play next year. He’ll decide this summer after seeing how far Cleveland can get in the playoffs, and weighing what other big free agents do.

Or, maybe he has a plan. That’s what Chris Douglas-Roberts hinted to

Douglas-Roberts, who is represented by the same agent as James, Leon Rose, said he has an idea where the reigning MVP is going and he probably won’t try to recruit him to New Jersey.

“I can’t do that,” Douglas-Roberts said after the Nets prepared for tonight’s game against James and the Cavaliers. “It’s a bigger picture. It’s a bigger picture than me. It’s bigger than that...

“They don’t know,” Douglas-Roberts said. “But there’s an understanding. I can’t just say I know what he’s going to do. Everybody in our camp has a good feeling for what might happen -- what might happen. We don’t know for sure. Things could change.”

LeBron is smart about his image, his marketing. He is not leaving that up to chance. You have to have a plan in place -- a plan that is flexible, a plan that allows you to talk to different people and cover your bases, but a plan. There is a favorite in the clubhouse, and while we may not know who it is you can bet LeBron has a good idea how this summer will go down.