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Melo says it’s “50-50" if he’s in Denver on opening night

Carmelo Anthony has said all the right things in Denver since showing up for training camp amid a firestorm of reports concerning his future. He’s said he loves Denver, will be a Nugget, and plans to lead the team. He wasn’t part of the promo videos, but other than that, there’s been a lot to calm the nerves of Nugget fans.

Well, now we’ve got something that gives a little more insight into what Melo’s thinking. The Denver Post caught Melo after practice today and Melo finally gave an admission that it’s “possible” he won’t be in Denver. How big of a possibility, exactly, there, Melo? From the Post:

“Possible means 50-50,” Anthony said. “As long as I’m here, I’m going to lead this team.”

So it’s a coin flip. Heads, Carmelo Anthony starts the season in Denver and tries to lead his team back to the Western Conference Finals. Tails, Denver undergoes a dramatic demolition job and starts over. Rest easy, Nuggets fans!

Here’s a question. Why has no one asked Anthony what the chances are that he signs the extension? Anyone? Anyone? Oh. Right.