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Mock the Knicks for losing if you want, but not about their payroll


The Knicks will probably win more than the 23 games they did two seasons ago in the last of the Isiah Thomas years. We’re predicting 38 wins this season, although we are admittedly an optimistic lot (just to balance out native New Yorkers). Whatever happens, the Knicks likely will lose more games than they win. Again.

Mock them for the losing, if you want. But don’t mock them for doing it with a massive payroll like you did two years ago, as Marc Berman pointed out at the New York Post.

The Knicks payroll this season is $58 million according to Sham Sports — that’s $35 million less than it was two seasons ago. Throw in the luxury tax (the Knicks will pay none this year, unless the Carmelo Anthony miracle happens) and owner James Dolan will pay $59 million less this season in payroll.

For a team that will win more games.

Donnie Walsh is not perfect. There have been mistakes and letdowns. No, LeBron did not come to NYC. But LeBron or no LeBron this roster had to be stripped down to be built back up, and Walsh did the heavy lifting. He was able to shed payroll to the point he could bring in Amar’e Stoudemire, Raymond Felton and other players, and still have flexibility. Someday Eddy Curry will leave and there will be even more money available. The Knicks should have room to sign a max free agent the next two summers.

“You can second-guess me at some point, but I thought this was the quickest way of improving, moreso than trades and the draft.” (Walsh said to the Post)

Frankly, we shouldn’t be second guessing him. That is good work.