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Most. Ridiculous. Spin. Ever: Knicks prefer Joe Johnson to LeBron James

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Need a good laugh in the middle of the day? We’re here to help. Read on.

The Knicks are targeting Joe Johnson as their No. 1 free agent choice and believe he’s a better fit for the team than LeBron James, according to an NBA source with knowledge of the team’s plans.

“Yes, we think he’s a better player,” the source said of Johnson. “He makes other people better. With LeBron’s people running the locker room that hurts the organization.”

This is from Not The Onion, but an actual news source.

Funny stuff. Funny sad for Knicks fans because their management clearly already is in spin mode as they know they will not be getting LeBron. So they are trying to pump up the fan base about option number two. Who is a huge drop off from option No. 1. And it’s not like they are likely to get Johnson, either.

Joe Johnson is going to get overpaid with a max or near max deal from someone. But it’s not the first two years of that deal that would be an issue (he’s a good player), it would be the last two of a five-year deal some team will regret.