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NBA: David West got away with key travel in Spurs’ Game 3 win over Thunder

The Thunder took matters into their own hands in their Game 4 win over the Spurs, closing the game on a 10-0 run.

But Oklahoma City wasn’t in such complete control of its own fate in Game 3 – and outside forces might have made the difference in the result, a 100-96 San Antonio victory.

Spurs forward David West got away with travelling before his basket with 1:19 left, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

West (SAS) moves his pivot foot at the start of his drive.

That basket proved instrumental. San Antonio led by just two when the Thunder started intentionally fouling.

Obviously, it’s impossible to know how the rest of the game would’ve played out without that missed call – the only one in the Last Two Minute Report – but those two points were big.