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NBA Draft: Blazers admit they are looking to move up, but just a little

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Portland has been one of the teams mentioned as a possible trading partner for the Minnesota Timberwolves at for or the Sacramento Kings at five.

Maybe not. Blazers left-hanging-in-the-wind General Manager Kevin Pritchard told the Portland Tribune the Blazers are looking to move up from their No. 22 position on the draft board, but not that far.

“I wouldn’t say 3 or 4 is where we’re looking to go,” Portland General Manager Kevin Pritchard says.

“We’re looking at trying to move up with our first pick,” says Mike Born, Portland’s director of NBA scouting. “We’re trying to have an early second-round pick, maybe even have another late second-round pick. If we find a guy we like, we’ll try to put ourselves in position to get him.”

Now two words of warning. First, everybody lies this time of year. Everybody. General managers, agents, scouts, team presidents, everybody. So make sure to sprinkle salt on every quote you read.

Second, if one team is going to make a big move it may well be Portland, Nobody wheels and deals on draft day like Pritchard. This franchise moved up to No. 2 when they wanted LaMarcus Aldridge, then did something similar to get to No. 6 when Brandon Roy was the target. I’m pretty sure Pritchard doesn’t think it’s a draft unless he makes a move. So keep your eyes open.