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NBA Draft: Thunder aiming for the Pacer’s No.10 pick

Is Sam Presti magic? Does he have mutant powers of persuasion? Does he know, in fact, how to make friends and influence people? Apparently freaking so, because hours after translating the 32nd overall pick into the 18th and a three point shooting champ, the Thunder are active again.

This time, they’re looking to move the recently acquired 18, their 21st pick, and guard Eric Maynor for Indiana’s 10th overall, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo!.

So what’s their angle? Are they looking to package and move up again for Greg Monroe? Are they geared to take one of the plethora of quality athletic bigs in this draft? Who do they have their eye on?

It seems like every time we think we’ve got Presti figured out, he does something small which somehow makes his team that much better. But Maynor is a really talented player that plays an important position for the Thunder as a backup change of pace guard. Whatever it is that Presti’s angling, it better be worth it. Then again, so far, each time, it has been.