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NBA fans, there are reasons to watch the Final Four

John Wall? Gone. Evan Turner? Gone. Derrick Favors? Gone. Cole Aldrich? Gone. Monroe, Johnson and Udoh? Gone, gone and gone.

For NBA fans who want to see the league’s future stars, the Final Four is slim pickings. The top college stars went the way of your bracket.

But there are still a couple things to watch, according to Joe Treutlein, Assistant Director of Scouting for

In the first round, it will be interesting to see Duke’s Kyle Singler go up against the athletic, quick and aggressive West Virginia defense, Treutlein said. In an ideal world (for him at least) Singler would be a stretch four at the NBA level -- and those are trendy, everybody wants a big that can shoot threes and unbalance a defense. However, he had not been an impressive, explosive athlete at the college level. How he deals with a more intense defense will be interesting.

The same goes for Gordon Hayward if the Final is Butler against West Virginia (a matchup that has CBS executives weeping in advance because of the ratings). Treutlein helped us break down Hayward before, a deceptively good athlete who can score at the rim or from three, a real shooter, who would be challenged by the West Virginia defense.

After those two....

“Everyone knows what Da’Sean Butler is. Everyone knows what Jon Scheyer is,” Treutlein said.

Well, um, we can always still listen just to hear Gus Johnson’s call... wait, what do you mean he isn’t doing it? Are you kidding? Forget it. I give up.