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NBA Finals, Lakers Celtics: Andrew Bynum’s knee, same as it ever was, same as it ever was...

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Andrew Bynum’s knee is not getting better without surgery.

You can drain the fluid out of it, you can give the man painkillers, you can bring in a voodoo priestess and cut the head off a live chicken near it, none of that matters. It is what it is. A torn meniscus.

So no shock what Bynum said about his knee after having the fluid drained, as reported by Dave McMenamin at ESPNLosAngeles.

“It feels about the same, to be honest,” Bynum said.... “The procedure was good. I think I just need to fight through it until we get the surgery done. This is the last hurrah; this is the last show, so I’m ready to give everything.”

Bynum should be better off this series than the last one. The Suns game plan is to put big men on the move -- have them try to stick with Amare Stoudemire or Robin Lopez off the pick-and-roll. Make the big men move and recover fast. Bynum was exposed in that setting.

That is not what the Celtics do with Kendrick Perkins. They ask him to be big. He sets screens, but he is no Stoudemire as a threat on the roll. Bynum can still be big, he can still grab rebounds and clog the lane when Rajon Rondo drives. He can still do a lot of the things asked of him this series -- not as athletically, but he can do them

At the end of the day, he is still tall, his arms are still long. And the Lakers need that.