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NBA fines Rudy Gobert $35,000, Myles Turner $25,000 for scuffle

One play and ensuing scuffle led to foul players being ejected from the Pacers’ win over the Jazz Thursday, but after the NBA league office got a look at the video, they went fairly easy on the fines. And there were no suspensions.

The league fined all four players ejected from Thursday’s game.

Utah’s Rudy Gobert, who started the incident by pulling Turner to the ground after a blocked shot, was given a $35,000 fine as the instigator.

Utah’s Joe Ingles got a $30,000 fine for “making inappropriate contact with a game official during an on-court altercation.” After the game, referees told the media pool reported that Ingles’ contact with the referee was unintentional, but it still led to an ejection and this fine.

Indiana’s Turner was fined $25,000 for “escalating an on-court altercation by shoving Gobert” (after Gobert had pulled him to the ground, then the duo got up and started to run to the other end of the court).

Finally, Donovan Mitchell got a $20,000 fine for “escalating an on-court altercation by verbally taunting an opponent.” Put simply, Mitchell would not calm down.

The entire incident started with less than five minutes to go in a 10-point game, when Turner blocked a Gobert shot at the rim. As Gobert went to the ground, he grabbed the shorts of Turner and pulled him down to the ground as well. No foul was called at that point. That’s when a frustrated Turner took matters into his own hands and gave Gobert a shoulder as they ran back up court. Gobert turned around and wrapped up Turner.

Ingles rushed into the fray and, in doing so, made contact with a referee, which is an automatic ejection and fine whether it is intentional or not. Mitchell came in late and was hot; he got in trouble primarily because he would not calm down.

While there were a lot of ejections, this wasn’t really even a fight. It was a scuffle. At best. In that light, fines and not suspension feels about right.