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NBA report: Yes, Richard Jefferson did foul Kevin Durant on final play

Warriors fans: One call by a referee is not why your team lost the game. The Warriors blew a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter, Draymond Green had three turnovers in that quarter, your team couldn’t stop the retired-then-unretired Richard Jefferson from dunking all over then, and the Warriors shot 1-of-11 outside the paint in the fourth. That’s why they lost, they had a team down and let them back up.

But yes, the NBA admitted in its Last Two Minute Report on the officiating at the end of the Warriors/Cavaliers game that Richard Jefferson did foul Kevin Durant on the final play of the game (video above). From the report:

LATR shows Jefferson (CLE) makes foot to foot contact with Durant (GSW) that affects his SQBR.

That was clearly a foul on the replay, the officials just missed it. That happens. If the Warriors don’t want to risk that, don’t blow the lead.

Also, the officiating report says LeBron should have been given a technical foul at the 1:43 mark for hanging on the rim after a dunk.

The report is spot on — he’s not hanging up there for his or someone else’s safety, he’s pumped up and showing it. Bad call, but consider it a makeup for the ridiculous Jefferson technical for winking.