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NBA takes away two of Andre Drummond’s 27 rebounds he was credited with against Warriors

Earlier this week, Andre Drummond turned in a masterful performance against the Golden State Warriors, grabbing a total of 27 rebounds, 10 of which came on the offensive end of the floor.

Or maybe he didn’t.

The NBA has been regularly reviewing monster statistical performances like these, and determined that two of those boards were credited incorrectly, and were thus taken away following that review process.

From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

[Drummond] had just been told that the NBA took away two offensive rebounds from his 27-rebound performance in Wednesday night’s 105-98 loss at Golden State. The word had just come down about an hour earlier, and he was told the NBA reviews stats after games.

He looked to Pistons director of public relations Cletus Lewis, who explained that the NBA didn’t give him credit for “two tips.” ...

"(Bleep) that,” the young center said to laughter. ... “That (bleep) ain’t cool, man,” a smiling Drummond said as he shook his head.

This is interesting in light of Russell Westbrook’s latest triple-double, which came Friday night at home after the scorekeepers in Oklahoma City credited him with a rebound well after the fact, causing a mild bit of controversy.

Westbrook’s tenth rebound was exactly the kind the league took away from Drummond -- an offensive rebound that was given on a tip toward the basket that was counted as a shot attempt, as well.

Drummond had the two field goal attempts rescinded along with the two rebounds, so it would make sense for Westbrook to suffer a similar fate after the league takes a closer look at his most recent outstanding performance.