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NBA will not rescind Joel Embiid’s third flagrant foul these playoffs

Through six games against Toronto, Philadelphia is +80 when Joel Embiid is on the court.

When Embiid is off the court, they are -97.

He means that much to the Sixers chances, which is why the idea of him being suspended for a game should scare Philly fans like it does their management.

In Game 6 Embiid picked up a flagrant for a shot to Marc Gasol’s face. The Sixers asked that it be rescinded because it was not intentional, it was part of a battle for rebound positioning off a free throw, but the league has refused that request. The technical stands.

Ebmiid has three flagrant fouls these playoffs. One more and he is suspended for one game. Pick up a Flagrant 2 foul and he is suspended two games.

That could be real trouble for Philadelphia, but they have bigger issues at hand. The Sixers need to win Game 7 on the road in Toronto before they can worry about future suspensions.