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Nets fans boo LeBron

At Madison Square Garden, half the fans were there to cheer LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. The other half had signs begging James to become a Knick next year.

Nets fans used to hold out hope James would come to their team this summer. Now, they just boo him like any other team’s superstar.

It wasn’t what you’d call a hostile crowd. But twice the fans didn’t approve of the way James dunked the ball on breakaways. His two-handed drops were seen as too ordinary. Each time James completed the dunk, boos rained down from the crowd of 17,502.

Then you had two fans sitting on the baseline wearing Braylon Edwards jerseys - one in Cleveland Browns brown and the other in Jets green. Their choice of dress was tantamount to taunting James over his feud with the Jet wide receiver. Those two fans should get free season tickets for next season when the Nets play in Newark.

As Mitch Lawrence says in his column -- good on ya, people of New Jersey. Okay, sure you only booed him when his dunks were not as spectacular as you wanted, but you still booed. It’s a start.