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Nets just want you to know they’re already forgetting this year

We’ve seen some great franchise rehabs over the past few decades. The Trailblazers reformed themselves into a young, talented core of versatile players while becoming largely transparent in personality, save for Greg Oden in between limping. The Pacers have shed themselves of the Malice at the Palace imagery by submarining into epic mediocrity.

But the Nets are trying a whole new level of redefinition.

They’ve launched a whole site to wipe away the memories of this dreadful, star cross’d season:

The site is just a promo shell at this point, with a video trumpeting where the Nets will be playing next year: the Prudential Center in Newark. It also promotes new leadership, the draft, and free agency. There’s even a small mark at the end of the video saying the jerseys may change.

All teams have bad seasons. But what the Nets are going through has prompted them to make a run at erasing everything that has to do with their identity. Amy Winehouse needs to pull a Nets.