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Nets’ Kenny Atkinson goes crazy, has to be restrained after getting tech (VIDEO)

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Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson might be getting a larger fine from the league after what occurred in Minnesota on Saturday.

Midway through the fourth quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Atkinson was arguing with referee Tony Brothers over a play including Brooklyn’s Joe Harris. Brothers gave Atkinson a technical foul, and Atkinson went after Brothers.

The Nets coach had to be restrained by players assistant coaches as he ran out on the floor after the veteran official. Atkinson was given a second tech, and ejected.

The whole scene was pretty surprising.

Via Twitter:

After the game, Atkinson said not only was his explosion thanks to the no-call on Harris, but because of the fatigue of the season.

Via NY Post:

“Even after I got thrown out, they kept fighting for the old man, so credit to them,” said Atkinson, who got steamed over a non-call on Joe Harris. “If you get specific, that’s the one. But listen, I don’t want to make this [about me] or the referees.

“This is the time of the year we’re all a little fatigued. But they do a great job. … It happens. I got frustrated. I wish I didn’t get frustrated and so emotional. But I did feel like I wanted to protect Joe, protect our player. It’s as simple as that in a box.”

The NBA announced a new action list to help players and officials understand each other better in a season in which things do not seem to be amicable between the two sides. Perhaps this might have an effect on coaches as well?

No doubt we will be waiting for the follow-up to this story in which Atkinson is assessed a fine from the league.