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Nuggets coach Brian Shaw “experimenting” with getting rid of shootaround

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw


The Denver Nuggets are a disaster right now. They’re 14-20 and head coach Brian Shaw is looking for something, anything, to fix things. Now, he has an unorthodox idea: getting rid of shootaround in the morning, to see what that does for players’ focus.

From Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post:

“I’m going to experiment with it, I think, for the rest of the season and see how it works,” Shaw said. “Even if it doesn’t translate into wins and losses, just if our energy and our focus and everything is better.”


“It’s just something that I’m experimenting with now to try to get us to a point where we can come out and be a little bit more sharp,” he said. “Our attention span isn’t always the greatest.

“When we do stuff in the morning, sometimes it’s in one ear and out by the time we come back that night. So the closer we can do everything going into the game, hopefully it will be better for us.”

Allowing his players to sleep in will certainly make him more popular in the locker room. And he points to Thursday night’s game in Chicago as an example of this new theory being a success...but that was a game the Nuggets lost. The fact is that the Nuggets just don’t have the roster to compete in the loaded Western Conference, and changing their shootaround routine in the morning alone isn’t going to turn things around.