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Oh happy day: the Warriors are officially for sale

The number of NBA teams with truly abysmal futures is dwindling by the day. Mike Dunleavy and the Clippers went their separate ways, and they have cap space, a high draft pick, and Blake Griffin’s return to look forward to. The Nets, despite their woeful record, have a young, growing core and fancy themselves contenders in the 2010 free agent bonanza. The Knicks are lighting up candles to woo LeBron James, the Kings can ride the star of Tyreke Evans, and the Grizzlies are suddenly competent.

David Kahn and the Minnesota Timberwolves were not available for comment.

But the Warriors will soon join the list of the franchises quickly looking to reverse their fortunes, as’s Marc Stein announced via Twitter today that Chris Cohan, the man who is in many ways responsible for the Dubs’ current misery, is looking to sell the team and has hired a firm to facilitate the process.

One of the NBA’s most best fan bases is a step closer to getting a team they deserve. The right players could be getting the right minutes, Don Nelson could be on the outs, and the roster might actually make some coherent sense. That is, unless Chris Cohan Jr. throws in a bid to buy the team. Or if Quincy Cohan, Chris’ twin brother, decides he’s interested. That is, assuming that these completely fictional people somehow exist.

Then again, with the way the Warriors have been cursed over the last decade (save for one miraculous playoff run), would it even surprise you to see some wholly and completely evil entity snatch up the team and drive it further and further into the ground?