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Paul George on officials after ejection: “I really don’t have no respect... S--- officiating job”

Paul George can just get out his checkbook now, he’ll be writing a $25,000 one to the league after these comments.

Indiana’s George and Philadelphia’s Gerald Henderson were both ejected from the Pacers eventual win over the Sixers. It started with this play, which earned a double technical.

Then this play got them ejected, Henderson got a flagrant 2 on the play but George got a technical for his reaction, and that was two.

After the game, George went off on the officials. You can see the video above via, but here are the highlights.

“I mean, y’all know how I feel about the officials, and tonight I really have no faith in them. I’ve been warning them all night what he’s going to do, stuff he’s doing, and they allowed this s--- to go on. He was throwing jabs, throwing punches at my stomach all night, and I didn’t retaliate until late in the game when they weren’t doing s--- about it. So he pulled me down, I get a double tech for doing nothing. And then throw an elbow at my neck, I get another tech for nothing. So I really don’t have no respect, nothing is there for the officiating. S----- officiating job...

“It was physical all night. And again, they didn’t do nothing after I warned them a couple of times of what’s going on. They did nothing about it, nothing about it. It’s crazy.”

If you’re going to rant and get fined, you might as well get your money’s worth. George did that.

George and the Pacers need to win on Wednesday night against Atlanta to secure their spot in the playoffs (lose and they will need help).