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Quote of the Day: Flip Sauders compares Warriors to playing RISK

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves

NBAE/Getty Images

So my plan to take over the world based out of Macedonia isn’t a good one.

The Warriors easily handled the Timberwolves Monday night 103-86, making it 13 wins in a row for Golden State. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson each had 21 points.

Those two are just talents that Steve Kerr can push around the board in whatever fashion he wants, but ones that Flip Saunders in Minnesota just doesn’t have. It would be like playing chess and letting black have two queens... sorry, wrong board game analogy.

If Andrew Wiggins keeps on developing, in a few years another coach could be saying thins like his about the T-Wolves.