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Randy Wittman begins to leave court during Wizards’ final possession in two-point game (video)

Randy Wittman

Randy Wittman


After George Hill hit the game-winning layup for the Pacers, the Wizards had 2.7 seconds and a prayer. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

As Rasual Butler heaved from halfcourt, Wizards coach Randy Wittman was already walking toward the locker room, looking up briefly as the ball hit the backboard. You can see it more closely here (hat tip: Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog)

Coaches and players frequently leave the court before the buzzer sounds, but I don’t recall seeing it during a one-possession game when the trailing team has the ball.

I wouldn’t jump to throw Wittman under the bus, though. It could have been just a superstitious move. Whether he stands still and intently watches the shot or walks off and stares away, it has the same chance of falling. There’s no more coaching to do at that point.

But it certainly looks like a coach who gave up on his team. Wittman should answer for that.

The more important question: Why did he bring in Otto Porter cold for defense in the final seconds rather than use Marcin Gortat to protect the rim?